Unlocator.com Review

Unlocator is one of the smart DNS service providers that bypass the geographical restrictions implemented on different websites and entertainment channels to block the access from restricted regions. Unlocator allows you to access many regionally restricted website/channels such as, Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, NBC, ABC and many others smoothly and safely. A large number of other regionally restricted music, streaming and video entertainment websites are also unblocked by the exciting service of this company.

The operation of Unlocator DNS Company was officially launched in 2013. It is a subsidiary of Linkwork ApS Group that is a Copenhagen based Danish IT Business Group. The official headquarters of the company is located at the following address:


  • Linkwork ApS
    Center Boulevard 5
    2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
    CVR: 34059764


The official website of smart DNS services is https://unlocator.com. The operation of the company is available across multiple regions of the world. The servers of this company are spread globally across many countries such as, USA, UK, Denmark, Netherland, Australia, Hong Kong, India, UAE, Norway, Egypt and many others. The company uses the latest technologies and state of the art equipment to provide the world class DNS service to its valued customers.


Unlocator believes in the power of the latest technologies to eliminate barriers in the way to fast growth and sustainable business. It uses many types of cutting edge technologies to develop great features and capabilities of the service. Unlocator uses the most efficient servers working in the cloud computing environment that not only provide high efficiency but also contribute to preserve our green environment by reducing the green house gases. The company uses the cutting edge equipment such as, routers, fiber links, wire connectivity and switches to decrease the latency of data processing and data transmission. This is the reason that the speed of the service is very fast, and you would not feel any kind of glitches while enjoying the content from servers located thousands of miles away from your location.

Unlocator Features of Service

Unlocator offers highly featured services to great value for the money they spend on its DNS services. The salient features of Unlocator services are enormous; a few very important of them are given below.

  • Easy to register and free to try service instantly
  • Support for more than 175 websites and entertainment channels, and the number is counting.
  • Supports an unlimited bandwidth for all categories of customers
  • Supports many types of devices and setups such as, Gaming consoles, Phones, Tablets, Routers, Smart TVs, Media Players, Operating Systems and others
  • Unblocking service available from almost all countries of the world.
  • Global presence of servers and the bunches of international IPs
  • Unblocking supported for multiple regions such as, US region, Canada region, UK region, Australian region, Asian regions and others.
  • Offers easy and simple procedures to configure a wide range of devices including portable devices and fixed devices.
  • Support for all kinds of operating systems such as, Windows, Android, OS X, Ubuntu, and others
  • Supports wide range of smart TVs such as, Google, LG, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and many others
  • Supports numerous mobile phones such as, iPhone, Android, iPod, Kindle Fire, Windows Phones and others.
  • Uses dual IP addresses for DNS servers to provide the redundancy and reliability of service
  • Supports numerous media players such as, Chromecast, Now TV Box, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Western Digital, Apple TV and others
  • Supported gaming consoles include, PS3, PS4, Wii, Xbox One, PS Vista, Xbox 360 and others.
  • Easy to setup guides for all types of supported devices are provided online
  • A world class customer support is provided to valued customers on the basis of 24x7x365 via live chat and email.
  • A blog and technical forum is available to get the online support and past experience of the users and technical geeks; you can also read numerous how-to guides and other technical articles related to configuration and operation of DNS services.
  • Offers an easy way to contact the support team via Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites
  • Offers a comprehensive online knowledge base (KB) of technical activities such as, Troubleshooting, Tips, Setups, Service Status, Account, and API documents and articles.
  • The service access sessions are established anonymously by Unlocator DNS service and thus, your privacy and security is maintained at higher levels.
  • The Unlocator service does not record any kind of traces or logs of your activities both during the sessions and after the sessions.

Service Packages / Plans

Other than the great features of services, Unlocator provides the most attractive, competitive and affordable service plans that suit all types of customers. Unlocator service plans address all types of concerns of both new and existing customers equally, and also offer an opportunity to become a partner of the company and earn substantial money.  The main features of the service schemes are given below.

  • Offers 100% free service for 7 days trial period without any requirement of credit card information.
  • Offers 14 days money back guarantee on all purchases and plans of services
  • Offer exciting prices starting from as low as $4.95 per month.
  • Offer wide range of pricing schemes such as, Free Trial, 1 Month Plan, 6 Month Plan, and 12 Month Plan.
  • Offers substantial discounts on these plans, for instance, 7% discounts on 6 Month Plan, and 16% discounts on 12 Month Plan.
  • Supports numerous payment options such as, PayPal, Visa, Master Card, DK, and Debit Cards
  • Supports any-time cancellation option for your purchases without any deductions or hidden charges
  • Offers exciting affiliate programs for business partners to earn substantial commissions and rewards
  • Offers incremental discounts on the renewals of service plans.

Unlocator Shortcomings of Services

Unlocator service is a great combo of goodies but still, there are certain downsides of the service; a few of such shortcomings are given below:

  • A short duration of free service as compared to other providers
  • Telephone support is not available for urgent issues
  • Anonymous payments are not allowed



Where do you need a DNS from?

DNS, VPN, Smart DNS – WTF?

VPN: Virtual Private Network, a virtual tunnel through the Internet to bypass censorship or geo-restrictions for content like Netflix, Amazon Video or others.

DNS: Domain Name Server - a server on the internet which tells your computer at which IP address a specific domain name can be found. Many times, DNS Servers are used to censor certain Websites by not resolving the IP address or redirecting it.

Smart DNS: A technology / hack to route only packets from/to a specific DNS and IP address to re-route traffic from sites like Netflix and enable devices like Smart TV´s to unblock from other countries.