PureVPN.com Review

PureVPN is one of the most popular service providers of VPN services for many years in the marketplace. The company was established many years back in 2006. Initially, the company was established to provide secure and encrypted services to hide identities and data of the users from external malicious users and government agencies. Later on, the company started smart DNS services to help customers get access to regionally blocked websites and entertainment channels. This service was officially launched in the year 2014. In the initial launch of service, company offered free of cost service to promote its future business strategy.

Pure VPN Company is located in the city of Hong Kong in eastern Asia region. The address of company headquarters is located at:

The smart DNS service of Pure VPN Company is getting vast grounds owing to the fact that company has already a substantial subscriber base and initially it offered free of cost services to its existing as well as prospective customers. The present operation of smart DNS services of the company are supported for over 36 countries and over 119 regionally blocked channels and websites. More than 5 different types of devices are supported for its smart DNS services at present. The company is continuously striving to increase the number of supported countries, regionally restricted channels and types of devices to offer the most versatile smart DNS services to its customer base.

Technology and Protocols

Pure VPN is one of the old companies that are offering their technical expertise and cutting edge technologies since many past years. The latest technologies and cutting edge modern equipment has always been the fundamental driver of the company business from the beginning. Many modern and efficient protocols were used in its flagship VPN service and now it is using the most advanced technologies for its new offerings of smart DNS services. Pure VPN Company uses the following listed cutting edge technologies and protocols.

  • The latest version of SmartDNS protocols
  • State of the art data centers and highly efficient cloud computing based platforms
  • Uses advanced software tools and protocols such as, Kill Switch, IPSec, SSL, SSTP, L2TP, SmartDNS, OpenVPN, and others
  • Highly efficient and environment friendly servers located in many countries across all six continents of the globe.
  • Efficient client software and other tools to run services smoothly and uninterrupted.

PureVPN Smart DNS and VPN Service combined

Pure VPN Company has already a well established customer base of over tens of thousands including normal users and corporate users. The smart DNS services have been added as free add-on service for all existing customers and some very exciting and promotional offers for new customers are being offered. The service of company is spread all over the globe for over 8 long years in more than 90 countries. The smart DNS service is has been kicked off initially for over 36 countries and more countries would be added very soon.

The support for regionally blocked channels has reached a sizable number of over 119 channels and websites and it is counting on a regular basis. It is very easy to use the regionally blocked channels and websites through lightweight client software for Windows operating system that is being used for smart VPN services with a little easy and simple configuration. The smart DNS service of Pure VPN Company is supported by 5 types of devices at this stage and more are expected to be included very soon.

Features & Benefits

Smart DNS service of Pure VPN Company has been developed to provide highly featured and exciting services to valued customers both existing and prospective ones. Every kind of efforts have been made to create the most reliable, easy, fast and wholesome service with the help of latest technologies, future vision and market needs. The main features of smart DNS service of Pure VPN Company are listed below:

  • Smart DNS service offered at no cost for existing customers for promotional period.
  • The basic price scheme starts from as low as $4.16 per month
  • Offers many pricing schemes and plans
  • Unlimited bandwidth and high speed streaming and browsing are supported
  • Offers 3 days money back guarantee scheme
  • Substantial discounts and commission based programs supported
  • Smart DNS service can be activated on Windows client software
  • Supports over 119 regionally blocked channels and websites.
  • Major entertainment channels supported by Pure VPN smart DNS service include, Hulu Plus, Animal Planet, MTV, DIY, Vudu, FranceTV4, ABC, Slacker, X Factor, Amazon Video, Spotify, Hulu, MusicMax, Food Network, Fox, YouTube, Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery, Syfy, Netflix, Pandora, American Idol, BBC iPlayer, NBC, Twitter, Fox News, Showtime and many others
  • Many payment methods are supported such as, IDeal, Paysafecard, Credit Card, Impulsepay, Dotpay, Moneybookers, GSCash, Giropay, Gamania, Allpay, Fortumo, EcoPayz, Bitcoin, Indomog, Epagseguro, Allpass, Ukash, EPrePag, Cashu, Fanapay, Interac, WebMoney, Smscoin, MikroÖdeme, PayPal, Necard, ToditoCash, AlertPay, Plimus, Mercadopago, SanalPara, Posta Ceki, Neosurf, Daopay, MyCard, and Ticketsurf
  • Smart DNS service supported in over 36 countries such as, Luxembourg, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Egypt, Czech Republic, Chile, Italy, UK, Turkey, Australia, Thailand, Netherlands, Taiwan, Russia, Ireland, USA, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, China, France, Lithuania, Japan, Panama, Indonesia, Romania, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and others
  • The servers of the company located at hundreds of locations across the globe in all regions of the world.
  • Supported for many types of devices such as Mobile Phone, Tablets, Laptops, Smart TVs, Android devices and many more are expected to be included very soon.
  • Offers world class customer support round based on 24x7x365 principles.
  • Customer support available through multiple mediums such as, Email, Live Chat, Forums and online guides.

PureVPN Disadvantages & Drawbacks

  • There is no option for smart DNS trial period and credit card information required to avail the service
  • Very short period for money back guarantee (3) days
  • Telephone based customer support is not available
  • Anonymous payments are not allowed
  • Small number of channels and websites supported as compared to other providers

Where do you need a DNS from?

DNS, VPN, Smart DNS – WTF?

VPN: Virtual Private Network, a virtual tunnel through the Internet to bypass censorship or geo-restrictions for content like Netflix, Amazon Video or others.

DNS: Domain Name Server - a server on the internet which tells your computer at which IP address a specific domain name can be found. Many times, DNS Servers are used to censor certain Websites by not resolving the IP address or redirecting it.

Smart DNS: A technology / hack to route only packets from/to a specific DNS and IP address to re-route traffic from sites like Netflix and enable devices like Smart TV´s to unblock from other countries.